With our Scandinavian background and uncompromising approach to design and aesthetics, Frame Studio offers beautiful, personalized handmade kitchens, bathrooms, and wardrobes.

Who is Frame Studio?

At our place, you’ll receive professional guidance for your upcoming project. We advise you on material choices and layout. Most importantly, we always align expectations with you, ensuring you get what you desire. We’ve been through it before, and we dare to say that you’re in good hands with us.

The process


Get a quote

On our website, we have made it easy for you to get started on your upcoming project. Click here, follow our ‘get a quote’ guide, and within 5-7 days, we’ll get back to you with a price estimate based on your information.


First meeting

If you wish to proceed with us after receiving a price estimate, it’s now time for the first meeting. Here, we delve deeper into details, surfaces, and materials. Should you require measurement and 3D drawings, this will be invoiced at 5,000 DKK. If you decide to place an order with Frame Studio, the 5,000 DKK will be credited.


Order confirmation

Once all details are finalized and the quote is approved, we’ll send you an order confirmation along with the first payment installment of 50% of the order amount. The project will only commence upon receipt of this payment. Following that, we’ll send you the technical drawings for your approval. If you’re involved in a renovation and have a contractor, we always recommend having them review the drawings as well. Once the drawings are approved, we can set a delivery date.



Your project is now ready to begin production. Our skilled craftsmen will commence the cutting process in the workshop. Meanwhile, your craftsmen can prepare the spaces, so they are ready for our installers to move in with your new fixtures. The production time is approximately 10-12 weeks.


Delivery & installation

Shortly before the delivery of your new project, we’ll send you the second partial invoice for 40% of the order amount, which must be paid before we commence the installation. The duration of the installation varies depending on the size and complexity of the project. A typical kitchen installation lasts approximately 5-6 business days. However, additional time should be allocated if the project includes countertop measurement.



When our installers have completed your project entirely, we conduct a thorough inspection at the address. Only when everything is in perfect order, we’ll send you the final partial invoice for 10% of the order amount.

Price examples

Are you unsure about the cost of a new kitchen with us? Below, we have gathered a range of price examples from our assortment.


“The Urban collection is designed for the newly built villa or the modern apartment. It’s for those who don’t want a kitchen like their neighbor’s. It’s for the design-conscious aesthete who desires a kitchen beyond the ordinary.”


The Classic collection is for those with herringbone parquet and corniced ceilings. All three designs in this category are tailor-made for the classic master builder’s villa, the Patricia villa, or the old Copenhagen apartment.


The Modern collection features simple designs without too many frills. Three designs that fit in anywhere, with simplicity being the keyword.